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: Plug into the full potential of digital content! Sorting the digital content goats from the sheep has become a key consideration in recent times. Bearing this in mind, the Webpublication flip book maker shows itself to be ideal. There's no easier way to create your own online magazine. However, having simplicity as standard is not a barrier to user-friendliness or having access to a wide range of useful operational features. These cover the HD gallery option, as well as a versatile toolbox feature. But if you really want to grab your readers' attention, take the rich media approach. Rich media such as flash animations, sound, hypertext links and video is perfect for jazzing up just about any e-brochure design! What's more, there are any number of ways in which you can distribute or store your documents - via email, social networking sites, DVD, iPhone and more. This solution even boasts an analytical tool providing a window onto your clients' viewing preferences!

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